French Door Curtains in Sheer Selection

French Door Panels in Sheer Selection
French Door Panels in Sheer Selection
Item# FDT-Sheers
Color:  Custom Width (inches): Custom Length (inches): Rods- FREE:  --OR-- $3 Discount If You Already Have Rods:  Lining: 
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.

French Door Panels in Sheer Selection
EACH FRENCH DOOR CURTAIN IS CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER AND STILL SHIPS IN ONLY 2 - 3 DAYS!(measuring instructions available at the bottom of this page, as well as on our How To Measure Page)

Our French Door Curtains (door panel curtains) come in a fine collection of high quality sheers. A tried and true classic, our sheers are extraordinary for softening the light at your windows.(click images for larger view) Sheers have always been the first choice for Door Curtains. Since we CUSTOM make each curtain just for you, we take your window width and multiply by 3 - 4 times to give the proper fullness.

Do We Really Need Our Door Curtain To Have 3 - 4 Times Fullness?

Absolutely YES! To Have a look for your door curtains as if a window treatment professional installed them for you, having proper fullness is crucial! All top and bottom rod curtains, especially when using extremely fine quality sheers as we do, need this much fullness or the curtains would just look naked. (most pre made door curtains come in the 56 - 60" width. Unless your door window is 13 - 16" wide, you would be like most, highy disappointed) The average curtain shopper does not know what fullness drapes should be made to. For regular windows using regular curtains, the fullness ratio is usually 1-1/2 times the width of your window up to 2-1/2 times the width of your window. But when you add a second rod (the bottom rod), as on a door window, you change the dynamics of the curtain so much that 3 - 4 times fullness is needed.

The privacy level you have with sheers is best explained this way; at this much fullness you will have complete privacy from afar. But when someone is close to your door, especially when it is dark outside and light inside, they will be able to see in to some degree. If you would like 100% privacy with no need to be concerned of what you are wearing, then the other fabrics on our site would be more adequate. Any fabric choice that does not say sheer, lace, or voile will afford you complete privacy. Our cotton selection is best when complete privacy is needed but you would still like alot of sunlight to penetrate into your home. Our cotton choice will allow approximately 30% of the sunlight to still come through. Sheers will allow closer to 60% of the sunlight to enter.

Door Curtains all have the standard measuring guidelines for them to fit perfectly.

For Questions, Measuring Assistance, or To Place an Order, Please Call 24 Hours a day: 1-321-632-3300